Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pompey intro

Hello everyone.

With the realms down for maintenance it gives me a chance to put something on this blog. I am not such what this blog will be become but for now it will just be a brief bit of news about myself and my characters in Warcraft. I doubt it will become much more then that but you never know.

I have been playing Warcraft for about three years now and have one main character; a warrior named Pompey. He is a Tauren warrior named after the Roman general and not the city of Pompeii. I have another alt that I am levelling at the moment a warlock named Emmalynn. I have always had a habit of giving my female toons real life style names. For most of my time playing I have been using Pompey and have levelled him to a point where he is pretty rocked out in end game gear (Such that end game is at this point). Also in nearly the entire time I have played Warcraft I have been in one guild called WICKED. WICKED is one of the few gay lesbian bisexual and transsexual friendly guilds not on the Proudmoore server. I am not gay myself but have come to really enjoy WICKED as a community based guild and not just an end game raiding guild. The creators of WICKED like to kill alliance too much to role the guild on a normal server and so we have found a home at Eredar US. I myself could take or leave the PvP aspect of the game; being a protection specced warrior for most of my time playing pretty much meant PvP was just me getting my ass kicked.

With the recent lose of my job my playing time had gone way up. The bank account on the other hand is looking sadder each day, thank you economic down turn. With my increased playing time I have been able to get into more end game content and tried to get a better understand of my class and how to play it the best I can. At this point Pompey has seen most of the game but for the hard modes sections and 25 man Malygos. I would really like to get those done, but WICKED has always had trouble getting enough people to show up for raids. This brings me to the question that keeps coming up for me for the last year. Should I stick around in my community guild or do I want to make a push for deep end game and look for a raiding guild? What I have always liked about WICKED are the causal and friendly people in it and the maturity they have. My main concern with looking for a new guild will always be the level of maturity and the friendly atmosphere they have. The frustration for being a main tank with really good raid attendance only to have to cancel the raid for lack of people gets to me at times.