Monday, May 4, 2009

Hero Class Part 2

Hero Class Part 2

As I was looking around to see which classes have existed in game I came around a few that have sparked my imagination. Some of them are well known while others almost never see the light of day.
This latest blog will profile one of the rarer classes seen in Warcraft and one that I think would may a fun hero class.

Lightslayers - A shadow in the night, the lightslayer moves with the sound of a whisper to extinguish light wherever she finds it — specifically, she extinguishes the followers of the Holy Light. The lightslayer embraces the teachings of the Forgotten Shadow and develops her personal power by slaying enemies who stand in the
Though mainly a role playing character for female undead rogues or shadow priest; they have a interesting though style to be a class all their own. Lightslayers were once holy priest when they were alive but have become members of the Forsaken and have started to kill what they once were.
As a class they work likely be a Forsaken only class, with the abilities similar to a shadow priest and rogue.

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