Friday, May 22, 2009

A New Hope

Thank you to those that responded to my last blog post. I posted in three different places one here, one at my old guild and one at my new guild. Yes, that's right. I said new guild. After much soul searching and consulting of the sacred chickens I decided it was time for me to leave and join a the new more raider friendly guild . I made a somewhat final post to the forum only to see my whole thread locked, including the blog post I had made earlier. I should have seen that coming since guild forums are a place to put the best face on your guild not to have someone say goodbye during times of guild drama. I have decided to leave Emmalynn my rarely played warlock in . I'm also starting to think I will create a new healing toon and put it in WICKED.

Looking forward to the new guild, I am very pleased to have so many people I already know in the guild. This along with some more raider friendly rules will help me adjust. Since my favorite thing in Warcraft is to see new content and to do that with friends around me; the move to is a good one. I am still trying to understand the loot system. I have never used dkp before and I hope it works out well. I have always had very good raid attendance and I never really cared much about loot. What loot I got was because I was there and no one else wanted it. Sure there maybe a few items that I really need but the simple fact is I have not seen Kel'Thuzad 25 be killed in a month and so why should I get his tanking weapon?

A question came to mind today as I listened to the Twister Nether Blogcast at work. Why do I like being a warrior or a tanking warrior? I was reminded of when I was a little kid and watched Thomas the Tank Engine (who am I kidding, I still watch it whenever I see it on.) There is a line in many of the episodes that said "Thomas felt like a really useful engine" I think that best sums up why I like it better then dps. I like the feeling of having a important role. I am not saying dps isn't important but as a tank I really feel like I am doing something. Whenever I am stuck in a off-tank or just dps position I do not feel that and I get quite bored quite quickly and feel I need something more to do.

I have decided to try and step out of my comfort zone and lead more raids. I rarely lead raids but the few I have in recent days have been fun. I think the added responsibility will help to break down some of the boredom I have felt during the raids.

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