Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hero Classes? Part One

With the 3.1 patch out and a little chatter about what the next patch or even the next expansion may bring; one of the features on my mind has been a new hero class and what that might be. So with little base in want is really going on in the game or in the developers mind or in the lore itself here is Pompey’s list of possible Hero classes.

The first two options were used in creating the death knight but I believe there is still plenty of room for either of these two classes to be put into the game.

Runemaster. These guys seem to have a good base in the lore and would function well in the game. They have a base in both melee dps and casting dps. I would bet that if put into the game work have a strong healing ability as well.

Necromancer. This class has been seen throughout Warcraft and would fit the lore of a number of the races if they were to be put into the game. They mainly would be cloth wearing caster types and have many similar abilities to death knights. A Necromancer could still be fit into the game pretty well despite the similarities to death knights in much the same way that priest and paladins work with each other.

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